Speaking engagements

Patrick Lilly is a featured speaker at conferences and seminars throughout the world.  

Having a unique background in business and life coaching, Patrick's content and views are most valuable in today's ever changing world. Having done substantial personal and inner work, he is able to discuss with humor and incisiveness how to be authentic and true to one's core values and be successful in business at the same time.  

Contact Patrick @ 917.863.7873 or patrick@patricklilly.com


  • February 8: Increase Your Average Sales Price / CRS / Webinar  
  • April 13th: Luxury Real Estate / REV / Boulder, CO  
  • April 22-24: Being Alive / Oomph / Tucson, AZ  
  • May 11: Vacation & Second Homes / REV / Destin, FL  
  • May 31-June 2: Essence, Purpose & Mission / Kingston, NY  
  • June 24-30: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World / Lake Atitlan, Guatemala  
  • August 10: Shifting Markets / REV / Toronto, ON