The E&P experience in Sedona was truly a life changing experience. Within hours of starting the process of discovery we all felt that we were in a very safe and empowering life event. Our guides led us thru a very structured process where we delved deep into who we were, gathered parts of our souls and assembled these gifts into a written message that defines one at a core level, a mechanism to return when you find yourself out of alignment with your core and a statement that speaks to how you will use your core self to guide you as your choose the direction your life will travel.It has been over 2 years since the experience and I have just finished writing out my E&P. (as I do every morning) This experience is for those who desire to understand who they are in a more intimate way and thru a process of excitement, tears and mutual love leave with a direction of how to navigate life in a more loving and authentic way.Thank you Patrick for your guidance and vision.  

Lindsay Smith

The Oomph retreat is exactly what you need when you've been head-down too long into something and need to get back to your Self. It's so easy to lose sight of your own life sometimes. This retreat is filled with simplicity, easy flow, amazing conversations, and instant camaraderie. I came home with my mind quieted, renewed focus, anxiety evaporated, and my soul was lighter. Patrick, Ashton, and Leeann are highly skilled in making you feel comfortable, safe and leading you into personal and insightful areas of growth. The days flew by! I highly recommend.
Gwen Daubenmeyer

The E&P experience was truly magical. The setting in Sedona could not have been more perfect for this spiritual life experience that enabled me to truly connect with my inner self as well as those in our group. It allowed me to validate my strengths as well as my vulnerabilities while gaining clarity on my mission and purpose. It also helped me find direction while grounding me. It is an experience that continues to keep me grounded as I move forward and continue to grow and evolve.The atmosphere with the other participants felt like “The Big Chill” connecting us deeply with one another as we were searching our own souls.Through a series of exercises we were able to open up and completely trust one another down to our deepest core.It is an experience I would recommend to anyone and hope to do again one day with my husband.Thank you Patrick and Debbie for being our guides.  
Orly Steinberg

When I read the description of the Oomph retreat, I knew I had to attend.  I was at a crossroads of being a little disenchanted by work yet being thrilled by the soul work that I had embarked on a short while ago.  I wanted to explore more to see if I could articulate and name the new space that I was finding myself in.  Patrick's honesty, humor and vulnerability, Ashton's beautiful thought process and vivid language and LeeAnn's warmth, grounding and magic held space for all of us and I believe we all opened up to be a bit more true to who we are. I feel lucky to have been in that kind, uplifted space where everyone had a unique and equally magnificent voice. 
Yoko Kasai

My husband and I spent a wonderful weekend in Sedona, AZ with Patrick and would highly recommend the process to anyone wanting to get in touch with who they really are and what they really want out of life at its most basic essence. Working with Patrick to help clarify my true essence and purpose was nothing short of magical. The process is very grounding and supportive and helped me bring out my best self. I continue to use my essence and purpose statement whenever I start to feel myself spinning in the stratosphere and need to come back home! Patrick is a master at facilitation and uses a great combination of humor, humility and honor to help you bring out your essence and purpose.  
Allison Simson

I am not one for retreats when the focus is not on my business, yet I was compelled to attend Oomph due to the facilitators two of whom I knew professionally and admired their outspokenness about their lives as spiritual beings.  What I was unprepared for was the level of honesty, openness and sharing that this small group of high functioning adults would divulge.  From the first night, I was afraid to answer the first question of "what was I hoping to get out of this experience" only to discover we nearly all shared our fears of being so open and vulnerable.  To find a sense of safety in strangers is a very new thing for me.  Now, let me share this was not a therapy group or session or encounter.  Rather, it was a group of individuals who recognized we are so much more than our businesses or families and there was a thread of continuity between us that we wanted more out of human to human relationships.  Yes, we acknowledged we are spiritual beings having a physical experience so what did that mean to us?  Why do we do the things we do in our daily lives?  Why are we in the businesses we are in?  How can we bring more of ourselves to every moment so that we do not feel that life is just happening to us or passing us by?  These are eternal human questions and in the safety of a small circle we got to explore some of these questions - by truly hearing others in their experiences, sharing our own, asking for and offering clarity through love.    It was surprisingly liberating to me personally and I know I left that little group with profound new friendships. Some of whom I call upon even today.  Did I rest well? No, for I was unleashing my fears of being open and transparent in front of strangers and friends alike.  Did I cry?  Yes, from relief, grief, joy, and love.  Would I do it again?  You bet.  This is not a religious gathering though you may feel some religious juices flowing in your heart as the words shared touch you.  This is not therapy in any conventional sense yet I left feeling I had experienced some healing and personal growth.  This was, to me, a simple exploration to re-engage in a community that had NOTHING to do with what I do or how I define myself.  Being present in the moment is elusive and highly difficult to achieve in our modern world and I came away with a gift to be able to center myself at any moment under nearly any circumstances and I have that gift to this day.
Ron Armstrong

Sedona's E&P was an experience that I will never forget and will cherish. Not knowing what to expect, and it far exceeded any expectations I had. My confidence level has grown since those days. I realized I am pretty amazing, and don't need validation.I was able to connect with others and go deeper to a place I rarely visit. This group helped me do that. We were a family for the days we were there. We walked, we did yoga, we talked, we laughed, we cried, we cooked and ate together.(Oh yes. and we drank together!) Many worthwhile exercises we did together that enabled us to go inward. How many of us REALLY know ourselves....deep,deep down?I came home a better version of myself, and with a new name that is now my middle name..."Aphrodite"There was so much love and warmth in the days I was there, and I felt so connected.I have remained warmly close with all of the wonderful people I met that day!  
Paula Clark

On Oomph - The spiritual feeling of the location amongst the saguaro cactus in the desert is both soothing and rejuvenating.  I recommend this opportunity to connect with yourself in a safe environment and explore deep recesses of your soul.
Judy LeMarr

After coming to upstate New York 1 1/2 years ago and meeting with your group, I came home and proceeded to get my life back on track. After a very long down time thru the recession, I truely needed to be reminded that I am and will always be a 'blessed and special' person. And that the only thing I can control is myself and how I react to what goes on around me. Working thru the process of my mission statement, I was able to put in writing what I want to accomplish and this statement hangs on my wall by my 'sacred alter table'. When I pray and meditate each day, I read the statement out loud. I brought a pine cone home from the grounds we walked on while with you, so I can touch and see something physical from that special time. Also, I believe that in reconnecting with my higher power, I have been led to the right places to find out what was physically wrong with me. After receiving the right directions and following them the last three (3) months, my blood pressure has dropped from 194/100 to 122/58 and my heart no longer skips beats. Seventeen (17) pounds have fallen off and most of it from around my middle section. My strength and stamina are gradually returning. I truely thought that I was going to die, and felt so bad, I did not care. We get so caught up in the battle to survive and what is happening around us that it is easy to forget who we are, where we came from and what our true purpose is. Putting unbelievable stress on myself led me down all the wrong pathways and somewhere along the way I felt responsible for the market and economic problems of the world. And if I worked harder, everything would straighten out. What a relief to realize that I did not cause the market crash and again could not control anything but how I, myself react. Thank you for throwing a lifeline and a light out to me, so I could start the walk back to reality. I am very thankful and grateful for your abundance of caring and love and friendship. You have magnificent heart.  
Connie Voigt

I have actually taken the E&P class twice and highly recommend it! Truly a transformative experience and one that continues to evolve. The experience was unique is that it was a community that bonded quickly and deeply over the 3 days. The support and genuine love and caring was amazing and contagious. Everyone was connected and had sincere interest in the success of the group. It is an inward journey to your core and invaluable once you harvest the information! You certainly won't obtain this depth in a regular seminar and Patrick is committed to the process and bringing the golden nuggets of truth out foreach individual.I use my essence , mission and purpose statement constantly to make sure my actions and decisions are in alignment with my soul both professionally and personally. I find the core of my statements do not change however over time they are getting more refined. It is truly a journey and one I am grateful that I took. Thank you Patrick, Debbie and group members for such an extraordinary weekend.  
Cheryl Freeman

  1. For me clarity, unclutterring and healthy focus were the amazing results of the Essence and Purpose Seminar. This was by far the most beneficial, life changing seminar of the many I have attended in my 75 years...wish I had done it 50 years ago! The beautiful process I would recommend to anyone of any age.  
    Nick Fre